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The SRA team is affiliated to ASIS International, the largest organisation advancing the security profession worldwide. For more information on ASIS click the logo.

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Security Risk Advisory Services

The Sentinel Risk Audit (SRA) team comprises of professionals in the area of assessing security threats to corporate and individuals. A security assessment is a physical and technical examination of a facility with the purpose of assessing vulnerabilities and strengths within the operational procedures, management and management structure, and to assess the security and safety of personnel, property and assets.

Following an assessment, an organisation will need to know how to manage the underlying security risks which include thefts, and other general deficiencies as well as to protect material and human assets against exposure to risk. The SRA team has hands-on experience in designing security programs which include Security Policies and Procedures, Security threats and incidence response plans.

Our experience in analysing security threats, coupled with our expertise in both physical and electronic security systems, allows us to provide cost effective and thorough documentation of existing capabilities, current shortcomings and future needs.

Many of our projects involve this type of evaluation and documentation of existing security systems and other security measures. The surveys typically identify the site specific critical assets and features of the facility, threats, vulnerabilities, physical and electronic security measures, protective measures, operational procedures and response forces. The surveys and audits typically review access control systems, exterior lighting and perimeter fencing, along with interior and exterior closed circuit television (CCTV) for all critical facilities and assets.

Our site audit reports identify and document specific deficiencies in the organizational security set up, and recommend upgrades to address existing challenges. Recommendations are then made to ensure a fully integrated and functional physical and electronic strategy. We also provide cost estimates for budgeting purposes to allow the client to anticipate any expenditure related to security.