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Electronic Security

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Electronic Security Technology

The Sentinel Security Technology (SST) division is responsible for the day to day management of the electronic security solutions. The SST team is made up of highly qualified professionals in the fields of Physics and Electronics Engineering. Our range of security technology products includes supply and installation of the following:

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) - Watchful Eye – you blink you miss

  Because our eye never blinks, we assure you that our surveillance systems will be there to reduce crime and also to detect and investigate crime. The SST team has managed to stay in touch with the latest developments in the world of digital surveillance systems. Offering a wide range of CCTV solutions, SST has highly qualified technicians with industry wide experience who are able to install and maintain new systems and repair existing systems. The product range of digital surveillance systems range from analogue to internet protocol (IP) based systems and these will be deployed in line with an organisation’s requirements.

Access Control – Because manual keys alone aren’t enough

  The need to reinforce current locking mechanisms with advanced technology to suit certain requirements will always be there, be it in a formal organisation or for domestic use. The SST team knows this requirement and as such has tailor made products for all requirements. These range from basic systems for domestic use to advance integrated systems for industrial use.

Intercoms – know your visitor, see your visitor

  Providing both voice and video intercoms, the SST team will help you in identifying any visitors to your premises before allowing them inside. The video intercom also has the advantage of identifying if your visitor or relative is under duress to have you open the gate. You can then call the police or rapid response teams to assist.

Intruder Detection Systems – Scare the intruder; protect your life and property

  The SST team cares about the security of your lives as well as your property. This is why we provide solutions to ensure that intruders are detected when they try to reach for your property without your permission. The systems that we supply are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. These systems are capable of integration into CCTV and Access Control systems and can also be linked to rapid response teams.

Fire Detection Systems – your best friend against accidental and malicious fire hazards

  Other than the risk of theft, your valuable property may also face fire hazards. At Sentinel we realise this and this is why we also provide fire detection and suppression systems for your valuables.

Razor Wire Electric Fence – shock the intruders out

  Whether you need it for domestic or industrial use, the Sentinel team will supply and install the system to your requirements and to our expert advice. When accurately wired, the electric fence will produce an electric shock to the intruder and also raises an alarm. Our team will assess what you need and provide you with a reliable solution.

Electronic Gates – remote control for your gates, why step out of your car?

  At Sentinel we are aware that more carjacking occur when people are parked at the front of their gates. Robbers wait to pounce on unsuspecting people as they wait to have the gate opened. To minimise this risk, SST team provides solutions to remotely open your gate so that you enter.

Home Defence – your home, your castle

Let Sentinel be the first and last line of defence against security risks at your home. We provide solutions ranging from CCTV, Access Control, Alarms and Fire Detectors specially designed for the home environment. Home defence solutions are also tailor made for individual protection.

Other Services

The SST team also handles installations, repairs and maintenances of electric gates, electrics fences, turnstiles and various physical and electronic security systems. Talk to us about your needs.

Our Sales and Marketing division also sells electronic security systems to security companies and to individuals. Contact us and we will provide a solution that best suits you.